Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Stepping Into A Winter Wonderland

Christmas time did truly come early this year, with a heavy snowfall here in the UK that beckoned everyone out of their cosy homes by the fire and out into the snow in a festive, cheery glee. As soon as it snows here (which it doesn't often, let's be honest), me and Chris jump straight in the car, boot packed with wellies, furry socks and Bramble the Spaniel, and head down to the Peak District. It's becoming a tradition now each year.

Our favourite past time (or one of) is driving through Snake Pass heading toward Glossop - no matter the season or weather it never fails to disappoint, and presents us a spectacular show when the valleys open up and the hills rise ahead with snow covered peaks. We stopped at Snake Pass Wood, a place where we have driven passed so many times before and peered at, but never actually stopped to explore more. Bramble and wellies out of the car, we headed down some higgledy piggledy steps and were greeted by a snow covered forest that looked like a scene taken straight from a Winter postcard. It was truly magical.

There was no shortage of trickling streams and quaint bridges tucked away in corners of the woodland, and for a while there was not another person in sight. It felt as though we had found a tiny corner of the world all for ourselves. Wrapped in warm fuzzy coats and scarves high up to our red noses, we trudged through the snow while Bramble did his thing and rolled around in the snow like the massive weirdo he is.

It doesn't feel like Christmas has come until the first snow has fallen in my opinion, and I am feeling more and more festive with each day that goes by now. Sat here with the Christmas tree lights in front of me, wrapped in a fluffy throw and my white pumpkin scented candle flickering away, is the perfect way to spend these dark December afternoons until Christmas day finally arrives. What makes you feel festive at this time of year? Have you got any Christmas traditions?

What i'm wearing:

FatFace Leather Boots

Zara Paisley Scarf

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